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21. duben 2011 SSI Schäfer takes over Handler A/S The worldwide leading logistics provider SSI Schäfer takes over Handler A/S (Humlebæk/DK) and thereby rounds out the product portfolio with the important storage lift segment.

With more than 2,500 references, Handler A/S occupies a strong market position in the storage lift segment, particularly in the Scandinavian region. With the integration of the Danish company, SSI Schäfer completes its product chain as a full-service provider for intralogistics. Owing to the practically complete coverage of value creation at the SSI Schäfer Group, it is expected that significant synergy potentials in production, distribution, project management as well as in customer service & support will be achieved.

The LogiMat® storage lift is considered future-oriented and extremely operator-friendly. Thanks to the ergonomically conceived components, the LogiMat® integrates seamlessly into the SSI Schäfer product range Ergonomics@Work®. Stepless, height-adjustable access openings and incline devices on the trays for the ergonomically correct removal of goods are just two examples from the fully-equipped equipment package. We can also take economic efficiency into account, thanks to the compact storage and modular design of the LogiMat®. Compared to a common static storage solution, the storage lift only requires 1/10 of the storage space. The clever SPS control can be supplemented by the in-house software package Wamas® and/or integrated seamlessly into the existing inventory management system. Various options for an increase of efficiency and maximum optimisation of the picking speed complete the package.

SSI Schäfer will present the LogiMat® storage lift for the first time in May 2011 at the CeMat in Hannover.

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