Through its strategic partnership with MoTuM NV, SSI Schaefer has completed its product portfolio of automated guided vehicles (AGV). As technology leaders in the areas of swarm intelligence and decentralised control technology, both companies offer a unique innovative edge using intelligent systems.

Partners SSI Schaefer and MoTuM NV offer you:

  • a comprehensive AGV product portfolio
  • optimally connected intralogistics solutions
  • perfectly tailored picking strategies
  • a modular and flexibly designed concept
  • the possibility to integrate and connect the technology with your existing systems
  • barrier-free, gentle transport with a high level of personal safety



Innovative decentralised control technology

The range of automated guided vehicles is designed for all picking strategies and can easily be linked to SSI Schaefer intralogistics solutions; from simple transport applications following the person to goods principle to fully automated picking. The wide selection of automated guided vehicles can transport small transport aids, roll containers and pallets.

The product range includes automatic forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle stackers. Thanks to the complementary product portfolio of both companies, SSI Schaefer can offer customised solutions for all automated guided vehicle requirements. With the help of swarm intelligence, intralogistics AGVs are able to communicate with one another and organise themselves to carry out tasks efficiently.

SSI Schaefer and MoTuM NV have already implemented numerous large-scale, international projects with automated guided vehicles.

To see an overview of the entire AGV product portfolio take a look at MoTuM NV's website.

Efficient goods transport of totes, cartons and small parts with the WEASEL®.

  • From simple transport applications following the person-to-goods principle to fully automated picking
  • AGV
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